If France was to be summed up in one word, then more often than not, that word would be ‘diverse’, but behind the buzz word is a popular European destination, that has a lot to offer those who decide to work, live, or visit there.

Working, living, and visiting France is easy, thanks to the many transport options available, especially to the main tourist destinations, cities, and business hubs. Travel options from the UK include ferries and hovercraft from ports along the South coast, which dock at Calais, Boulogne, St Malo, Le Havre, and Cherbourg, and International flights. UK airports operate regular flights to a number of French airports, including Paris, Biarritz, Marseille, Bordeaux and La Rochelle. Mix these travel options together with a good road network, and the SNCF train services, which makes France accessible to all types of traveller.

Once here, travellers can enjoy a range of different holidays, from skiing in the French Alps or Pyrenees, to exploring the countryside and wine chateaux in places like Bordeaux and Burgundy, to soaking up the sun on the French Riviera. There’s also plenty of opportunity to soak up the history and culture of the country, through museums, art galleries, ancient architecture, and famous landmarks. Many of these are located in Paris, such as the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, the famous Eiffel Tower, and the more modern, unique design of the Pompidou Centre. Gastronomy is also an important part of French culture, so wherever you visit, you’ll find a variety of bars, bistros, cafes, and restaurants, serving up regional dishes, alongside national specialities.  Anything from a rustic, farmhouse style meal, to a picnic from a town/village market, or a Michelin standard dinner, is available there, and often matched up to appropriate wines, which are known as some of the best in the world.

While this mix of culture, history, and diverse holidays continues to attract visitors from all over the world, it also attracts a new influx of residents as well, who want to buy a holiday home or permanent residence in one of its regions. Those that choose to live in France will find themselves living among a proud and patriotic people, who appreciate every effort to learn their language, show an interest in their history and traditions, and generally integrate into community life. The process of buying a property there is among the safest in the world, thanks to a rigorous legal system, and with many UK based agents available to help with sourcing property and moving to France, many expats are enjoying life on the continent.

It just goes to show; France can be whatever you want it to be, from peaceful and traditional, to vibrant and modern, with many things in between. Take a look throughout the pages of this site, and you’ll soon be saying ‘Vive La France’.