Putting a New Spin on the Camping Experience

A popular holiday pastime for a number of people, camping is an experience which a number of people enjoy each year. However, camping doesn’t have to stick to traditional or conventional set-ups, but can be more innovative and current. So, how can you put a new spin on the old camping experience? And what different options are now available?

As with all things, the nature of camping has evolved and developed over recent years, offering holidaymakers an impressive selection of choice. Nowadays camping can be something enjoyed nationally within the UK or internationally in areas such as France.

Camping in France allows families to enjoy a unique, international experience. This form of camping allows holidaymakers to enjoy the alternative holiday options, immersing themselves in local communities rather than staying in traditional tourist hotspots.

For those interested in this different type of holiday experience there are a few things you should consider, such as where you want to go and what sort of activities you want to take part in while you are there.

Companies like Keycamp or Canvas offers a range of different campsites across numerous locations, all of which provide access to a number of activities. These will be suitable for a range of different age groups, meaning that there is something for everyone.

Activities and events for adults including walking and wine tasting events, waters-sports, canoeing, fishing, golf and even spa breaks or retreats. For children and teenagers, activities such as visiting theme parks, cycling and horse riding are perfect.

Alongside this a number of events and excursions will be available to impressive landmarks and locations, allowing you to enjoy some of the more traditional holiday experiences as part of your new camping experience.

However, perhaps the best improvement to the camping experience offered by places such as Keycamp, is the range of accommodation that is available. Far more than just offering a standard camping pitch, these holiday providers make sure that you are able to take advantage of the best possible accommodation for your needs. Accommodation ranges from:  luxurious tent structures; tree houses; mountain lodges; mobile homes; chalets; and even apartment resorts.

These options help to improve the camping experience by offering holidaymakers the chance to experience all of the benefits and beauty of the outdoors without encountering any of the difficulties or problems. Camping experiences can sometimes be disadvantaged by bad weather or uncomfortable settings, ruining the overall experience for the holidaymakers. With such a vast selection of accommodation, all offering luxury and comfort, this will never be the case on a modern camping trip.

You will then need to decide how best to get to France and even with the convenience of turning up at the campsite with your tent fully erected. It’s nice to bring a few home comforts with you plus the obvious things like your favourite tea, tomato ketchup and the like. You should find that the best and cheapest option is taking a car ferry to France. You will find the simple solution to getting the best fares is to use a price comparison website.  We have found Ferryonline to sell some of the cheapest ferry crossings to France available.  By taking your own car you not only have the advantage of taking a few extra bits but also the freedom to explore the surrounding French countryside while you are there.