Student holiday jobs in France

One of the perks of choosing to look for a student holiday job in France is the fact that citizens of the EU can work in the country for three months without worrying about any visas, therefore if you want to get some college travel in during the summer, you can easily head to France and have some fun for the sun working and exploring the culture without any large legal concerns.

Technically the minimum wage in France is set at around seven pounds an hour which is enough to live on, but if you choose to work ‘le black’ or unofficially you may earn more or less. Popular jobs in the more tourist areas and farms include helping to pick grapes, but choose carefully so that you are not exploited.  For those that want a more typical summer job to accompany their college travel, there are plenty of other options including jobs at Disneyland Paris or Club Med.

Both of these large resort locations are usually happy to employ UK students during the summer months and since they are owned by British or French corporate offices you can expect the same level of standard treatment that you would at home. More exciting jobs for those who are a bit more adventurous or want hands on jobs are tour operator jobs which are actually how many young students spend their time working in France.

These jobs will require you to learn about a certain area or historical monument and then lead tours around it speaking both French or for American and British groups in English.  Due to the demand for some English speaking tour companies, you may even find you have a specialized skill you were not aware of when applying for jobs!

Grape picking as mentioned earlier is another big job for those who are looking for seasonal work while they travel, but keep in mind that you will want to head to places in the south of France or Provence, and apply at larger vineyards so that you can avoid getting taken advantage of.

In addition, while you are down there you may want to check out the ski resorts that still need staff to support maintenance of their ski areas during the summer time, as this can be a great way to past the time and gain a new perspective on what goes into creating some of the largest ski resorts in the world.